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How can you make a difference? Worth having a look at!

Calendar for Low Impact Living
This page will give you an overview of environmental courses in the South- West. From Bread Making to keeping chickens to woodland management- the wide range of topics and locations makes it accessible to everyone.

Cut your carbon emission by 10% 

Everybody can make a difference. It is up to you and me as well. It is not too late. Find out how you can cut your emissions by 10% by going to  Also sign up to put pressure on the government to do their bit.

Love Food HateWaste- Campaign
This campaign has the aim to reduce the overall amount of Food Waste produced in the UK. On its web page you will find information and a lot of practical advice on how you can reduce your amount of food waste and save money at the same time.

This web site is great if you are looking for water efficiency facts and handy tips on how to reduce the amount of water you waste.

Recycle Now
Here you find information on why and how to recycle as well as easy tips on how to start recycling today. You can also find information on how the things you recycle get processed.