Transition Town Andover supports local, community-led responses to the global challenge of climate change, building resilience with a positive attitude. Hundreds of towns in the UK and around the world are signing up the Transition Town movement and Andover is one of them.

Transition Town Andover is for everyone in and around Andover so come and join us. For more information and to receive the regular newsletter email: info@transitiontownandover.org.uk

Early in 2010, a small number of very committed people organised a public meeting to propose the idea of forming a Transition Town group in Andover. Following this meeting, a core group was set up and a constitution drafted. Project working groups were set up on the themes of food and growing, green communities and schools. From these initial groups grew the now independent charity, Andover Trees United.

Other groups currently supported by Transition Town Andover are Refill Andover, Andover MIND’s Repair Cafe and Andover Plastic Free.

Current Projects

Food and Growing

The group promotes the development of a locally sourced, sustainable food supply. It aims to bring people together through growing, shopping and eating food at home, in the garden and community to reduce food miles.

  • Skye Community Orchard, Topaz Drive, Andover

In 2010 a small community orchard was planted in Topaz Drive with the help of local residents and pupils from the Portway and Harrow Way schools. Later pupils from all three schools were involved in the design and making of a mosaic and tree guard which are now set up in the orchard. In 2014 wild flowers were been planted in the area. Friends of the orchard are always needed for pruning, weeding and generally caring for the orchard.

  • Vigo Road Recreation Ground food beds

Two food beds were created in the park and during 2011 were planted with a variety of herbs and perennial vegetables as well as fruit trees.

  • Small Space Planting

Let us know if you find a small public space suitable for a fruit tree or a few fruit bushes or perennial vegetables and herbs. Transition Town Andover will seek permission from TVBC or Andover Town Council and arrange for planting.

Andover Trees United

Over a period of ten years this substantial project is creating twelve acres of community woodland for Andover involving 25 schools from Andover and surrounding villages. Details at www.andovertrees.org.uk.

Green Communities

Projects to reduce the carbon footprint of Andover and energy bills for individual households covering energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable transport.

Refill Andover

The national Refill scheme aims to reduce the 15 million plastic bottles which are littered, landfilled or incinerated every day through the app that allows you to find a free tap water refill. Discover local Refill stations by contacting refillandover@gmail.com.

Andover MIND hold a repair cafe on the 3rd Saturday morning of each month.